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Take This Body

A priest devotes his life to God and fights daily against the temptations of the flesh. Now he must confront the man - or angel, or demon - who haunts him.

In Martin Foreman's one-man play, a middle-aged priest welcomes an unseen visitor. The priest tells the stranger he has been praying to the Virgin - "a woman, a mother, the Mother of us all."

"My whole life I've been surrounded by women. Everywhere I go there are women. I need only stand outside the church for a few minutes and some woman'll come up to me. For advice. To gossip. To offer help if they think I'm lost. Men don't do that. Men keep their distance."

What happens to a man when he devotes his life to celibacy? Can he control his need for sex or does it control him? Does sex trouble him less or more as he gets older? What must he do to destroy the passions that threaten his soul? Tonight this priest is faced with a choice between salvation and damnation.
Martin has been fascinated by religion since his teenage years - what people believe, why they believe and how they reconcile the inevitable contradictions between faith and reason; above all, how do those who embrace celibacy in the name of religion confront sexual desire? The priest in Angel is based on a man that Martin met many years ago. Over several conversations the cleric revealed the torment he suffered - and it is that torment which this play reveals.

"strong performance"
"sinister theme that packed a punch"


"insightful performance"
"wonderfully believable character"
Everything Theatre

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe
18 - 23 August 2014
Etcetera Theatre, 8 - 13 July 2014
The London Theatre, 18 - 23 March 2014


November 2016

Californian Lives by Martin Foreman

playscript published

"utterly convincing portraits of love in California's emotional desert"
Edinburgh Fringe 2016

J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown
The Rose and Crown

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