By Martin Foreman
Featuring Robin Holden, Carolyn Lyster, John Vernon
Director Emma King-Farlow
Theatre production available for revival
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Do you want to join our list of supporters? Theatre productions are always precarious and the first production of Californian Lives, at the King's Head, did not make a profit, even though our creative team worked almost for free. The more income Arbery Productions gets, the more secure we are - that makes it easier to book venues and it means we can afford to pay our team more than a pittance.

You can support us in several ways. Leaf £10.00 puts your name on the programme of our next production and on one of our websites (Arbery Productions / Californian Lives / Tadzio Speaks) for a year. Twig £30 gets your name on all three websites and all programmes for a year. Branch (you can see where this is going...) £50 gets you all that plus signed copies of Martin Foreman's books (Weekend / A Sense of Loss / The Butterfly's Wing / First and Fiftieth - the stories in Californian Lives first appeared in First and Fiftieth).

Bough £100 gets you all the above plus two free tickets to all our productions for a year. Tree . . . well, you get the idea, and at this level lets sit down and talk about how we can thank you. Whatever level of support you want to give, click the Paypal icon on the right.


We are pleased to have worked with these companies and individuals:

Audition Space
The Invisible Dot


Paul Kemble of The Holden Kemble Co



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