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The story of Aschenbach has captivated readers and audiences for over a century. Many others have placed their own interpretation on Death in Venice. The Wikipedia disambiguation page lists six, including

Death in Venice - The Opera

Benjamin Britten's 1973 opera reveals Tadzio as a silent dancer, in a role premiered by Robert Huguenin. This 2012 full length video of the opera was directed and edited by Tony Palmer, with Robert Gard as Gustav von Aschenbach and Vincent Redman as Tadzio and the English Chamber Orchestra.

Death in Venice - The Ballet

John Neumeier choreographed a ballet inspired by the story for the Hamburg Ballet in 2003. In this clip Aschenbach (Lloyd Riggins), inspired by Tadzio's beauty, choreographs a duet, creating concepts portrayed by Alexandre Riabko and Silvia Azzoni.

Return to Venice

Ben Bowers' 2013 novel / play completely rewrites history by portraying Adzio (the real Władysław Moes who inspired Mann) twenty-five years later, living with his wife and children in Vienna, rather than his native Poland. When he is encouraged by a psychotherapist to take his wife to Venice to unravel his past, he falls for Fabrizio, an Italian who had also known Mann, when a boy working at the Hotel Des Bains. Adzio returns to Vienna, later fleeing to the USA when Hitler's Germany annexes Austria. After his wife dies in New York, Adzio returns to Venice after the war to discover that Fabrizio had been shot for refusing military service. The play ends with Adzio transformed into Aschenbach. The novel ends with Adzio visiting Mann in Los Angeles. (The real Moes spent his life in Poland and was imprisoned by the Germans during the Second World War; his wife lived until 1978.)


"eloquent and descriptive prose done full justice by Peacock's performance"
The Public Reviews

"words always deeply poetic . . . Peacock takes the material and owns it on stage"
Views from the Gods

"Entertaining lunchtime drama"

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