By Martin Foreman
Featuring Robin Holden, Carolyn Lyster, John Vernon
Director Emma King-Farlow
Theatre production available for revival
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"a beautifully perceptive production" "four stars"

"splendidly understated, yet utterly convincing, portraits of love in California's emotional desert"
Broadway World
"emotionally charged and thought-provoking theatre"
The Gay UK
"the actors are all terrific"
Entertainment Focus
"the evening [ends] on a heart-tugging high"
"fine descriptive writing and skilled acting ensure that our attention never wanders"
The Public Reviews
"Emma King-Farlow's direction is to be commended for its lightness of touch"
Entertainment Focus
"a masterclass on the art of the monologue"

All Reviews from April - May 2013 production, King's Head, London

How well do you know those who are closest to you?

In an evening of three powerful and moving monologues, Martin Foreman lays bare the lives of three very different Californians.

In Los Feliz, Robin Holden's salesman in a Los Angeles diner tells how he met the woman of his dreams.

In Ben and Joe's, John Vernon is among a group of older men whose lives are disturbed by the arrival of a young stranger.

In Sunset, Carolyn Lyster is a grandmother remembering her first date, the man she married and their life together.

Critically acclaimed when it premiered in 2013 at the King's Head, London, Californian Lives was revived at the OSO Arts Centre, south-west London in September that year.

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Californian Lives is not currently scheduled.

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"Sometimes you talk. Tell your story if you've a mind to. Trouble is, memory changes things. Things you want to forget. Things you want to remember that never happened. Happens to everybody. Gets so, nobody's story's true. Not yours, not mine. But it's all we've got."

Californian Lives is based on stories in Martin Foreman's First and Fiftieth and other stories. First person narratives span the globe from Rio de Janeiro to Los Angeles, Africa to Nepal, London to Siberia. Men and women,
teenagers to grandparents, each speak in a distinctive voice and with intense emotion in this kaleidoscope of human comedy and tragedy.

First and Fiftieth on
PRINT: 6.99 (inc UK p&p) from Arbery Publications


"I couldn't take the children and I couldn't leave them. There was no new life for me. I couldn't be free. I could only be me."

The stories of very different Californians in three one (wo)-man plays. A salesman in a diner tells how he met the woman of his dreams. An older gay man relates how lives were disturbed by the arrival of a young stranger in a quiet bar. A housewife remembers her first date, the man she married and their time together. Included with the playscripts are an introduction and afterword with background to the plays.
Californian Lives by Martin Foreman

Californian Lives on Arbery Publications
PRINT: 7.99 (inc UK p&p) from Arbery Publications 0798 965 5482

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