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Edinburgh Fringe: August 2019

Sunset by Martin Foreman was our
first offering at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019. Maggie Macleod offered a
" beautifully modulated performance" in this one-woman play.

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Maggie Macleod in Sunset

Mike Bartlett's Bull was our second offering at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019.

"must see" (pdf version)

"impressive" All Edinburgh Theatre (pdf version)

"tension builds throughout " (pdf version)

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Mike Bartlett's Bull

February / April 2019

Bull by Mike Bartlett was our entry in this year's Scottish Community Drama Association One-Act Festival, coming runner-up in the Edinburgh District (winning awards for production and stage design) and runner-up in the Eastern Division, winning an award for production and a place in the Scottish Final.

Bull will run in the Edinburgh Fringe from 12th to 24th August (not 18th).

cast and crew
Bull by Mike Bartlett

Martin Foreman's Casanova Dreaming

Casanova Dreaming

"the kind of gem we like to stumble upon at the Fringe" ... "well worth seeing" ... "talented cast act out a fast paced show with a tight script" ... "intriguing and engaging"
public reviews

"a generous piece of writing ... well done"
public review
Martin Foreman's Volpone

Martin Foreman's Volpone

"I really enjoyed this performance ... Go and see it"
"A strong lead [Alastair Lawless] carries the title role ... Mosca is one of theatre's great parts, and [Vanashree Thapliyal] has good comic timing"
public reviews
"A very enjoyable way to see one of the masterpieces of Jacobean theatre."

Two Venetians - one historical, one fictional; one serious, one comic; a famous lover and a famous trickster - were brought to life by Arbery Productions for three-week runs at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. Award-winning writer Martin Foreman's four-star adaptation of Ben Jonson's Volpone, first seen at the Fringe in 2017 was revived as a two-act play, while his new one-act drama Casanova Dreaming looked at the life of Italy's most famous lover.

J B Priestley's rarely-performed one-act play The Rose and Crown brought in large audiences and four-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe.

J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Post-war 1940s Britain is cold, rationed and bleak. In a London pub a group of drinkers are complaining about their lives when a stranger enters and makes an unusual request.

"fine resurrection of a gem . . .
Thoroughly enjoyable!"
pdf version

"well-acted and craftily staged "
pdf version

2013 - 2014
three one-man plays by Martin Foreman about beauty, faith and obsession under the title of Desire and Pursuit in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe: with Christopher Peacock in Angel and Tadzio Speaks . . . and Christopher Annus in Now We Are Pope.

"4 stars"

"wonderfully believable" Everything Theatre

"deeply poetic"
Views from the Gods

In 2013 Californian Lives - three one-character plays by Martin Foreman (Los Feliz, Ben and Joe's, and Sunset, with Robin Holden, John Vernon and Carolyn Lyster) - premiered at the King's Head Theatre in London. The production received wide critical acclaim: ("a masterclass on the art of the monologue" / "utterly convincing portraits of love" / "eloquent and descriptive prose" and other reviews).

In 2012 Martin won the New Writing Award for Loss: four one-man plays at the Solo Festival in London - Angel, Ben and Joe's, Los Feliz and A Sense of Loss.

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