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"insightful performance" "wonderfully believable character"
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Angel: Take This Body, by Martin Foreman

An intense one-man play is like Marmite - you either love or hate it. Here is every review we have come across of Angel; some include reviews to the companion plays Now We Are Pope and Tadzio Speaks . . . . Production dates:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 18 - 23 August 2014
Etcetera Theatre, Camden, 8 - 13 July 2014
The London Theatre, 18 - 23 March 2014

They liked it

"four stars . . . strong performance of a well-written script tackling hefty issues" August 2014 (pdf version)
"words that carry the audience into the turbulent and troubled mind of Foreman's wonderfully believable character." March 2014 (pdf version)
"engaging" March 2014 (pdf version)

"strong performance . . . powerful . . . sinister theme that packed a punch"
TheGayUK - review no longer active
Christopher Annus as the Priest
Christopher Peacock as the priest

"four stars" "engaging performance" "spoke to the heart"
What's Peen Seen - review no longer active

Not so keen

"In his quieter or emotionally exhausted moments, Peacock captures the essence of a tormented priest fighting his inner demons. However, with a script prone to poetics and fire and brimstone, Peacock often turns to histrionics, becoming painful to watch. Nonetheless, Angel proves a solid start to delving into the inner conflicts in a man devoted to the soul yet tempted by the body." July 2014 (pdf version)

"I liked that these pieces were challenging, and charged headfirst into the tricky areas of religion and sexuality. Unfortunately, the structure and execution weren't strong enough to really connect with this reviewer." (a different reviewer from above) July 2014 (pdf version)

"While Peacock is adept at showing us the inner workings of the priests mind as he turns the problem over and over, at times he tries too hard, making the action a little overwrought." (a different reviewer from above) July 2014 (pdf version)

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