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Our next production is the classic bawdy satire The Satyricon. (For details, including plot, characters and performance dates, see We are still building our team: email / phone (details below) if you are interested in joining us.

Sound designer
Can you create the sounds of ancient Rome to entertain / surprise / frighten a modern audience? The crowd in the Forum, the deserted forest, the midnight orgy, a ship at sea and more? Let your imagination explore the whole spectrum of music and SFX. We need a talented individual who can work with the co-directors to create the right atmosphere for this 90-100 minute production (sound required for perhaps 20 minutes overall). Primarily required April-May with some input in June. Fee and royalties negotiable.

Costume designer / maker
Nine performers in simple ancient Roman attire, plus details such as a headpiece, scarf or coloured robe indicating different characters.
We know the look we want; we need the talented designer to create it. Designs agreed by mid-February, first costumes completed by late March, all costumes by mid-May. Fee negotiable.

To join us for late rehearsals, tech, dress and all performances. Required evenings of last two weeks in June plus matinee 27th. Expected rate: £10 an hour.

We expect to pay cast and crew, but this can only be confirmed in early spring 2020 when funding has been secured.
Arbery Productions is based in Edinburgh, with most rehearsals and all performances taking place in the centre of the city. Occasional meetings and rehearsals take place in the suburbs.

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Founded in London in 2013, based in Edinburgh since 2014, Arbery Productions is an occasional group of theatre creatives with a track record of successful productions.

Arbery Productions has signed up to the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter, helping to ensure all cast and crew involved operate under safe and fair working conditions.
Protecting Actors : SHIELD:9899

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